Ang buhay ng hokkaido

More Essay Examples on Cholera Rubric Others will develop latent TB infection and will carry the bacteria but will not be contagious and will not present symptoms. Still others will become immediately sick and will also be contagious. What are the symptoms of tuberculosis? Most people who become infected with the bacteria that cause tuberculosis actually do not present symptoms of the disease.

Ang buhay ng hokkaido

This kind of business is increasing every year because of the big return the proponent can gain. We cannot deny the fact that Filipinos are more carnivorous that being omnivores that is why the people who are interested in venturing their money to swine production is also increasing in a very high rate.

The swine production in the Philippines continuously leads other livestock in terms of volume and value of the production the current production Because of the great demand in pigs and on our likeness to eat pork, though the years it has been a lucrative business.

Businessmen or even small or backyard raisers has used this opportunity to expand and improve their living through piggery farming.

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Livestock farming plays an important role in the progress of the countries. Many countries of the world with a highly developed agriculture invariably have livestock farming as a major business.

People in these countries rank high in physical and mental development, enterprise and standard of living. It is clear that the major development thrust must continue to revolve around agriculture, a large component of which is livestock rising.

Swine production is one of the ways by which the need for food is attained. However, to obtain successful swine production, Ang buhay ng hokkaido producer shall not only be equipped with the knowledge on the nature of swine but also with the skills in managing, marketing and feeding of pigs.

Both knowledge and skills are essential to reach the inherent capacity of these animals to convert feeds economically into viable products. This study is related to the field of production because it focuses on the management of swine production.

It is at this time when preventive measures and proper management are necessary in order to have a productive and profitable swine enterprise. Kan-ipa, Baybay City, Leyte.

This farm will start as an experimental one and if it wills successes it will be converted into a non-experimental commercial farm. The materials, equipments and facilities are not state of the art but are relatively competitive enough to comply with the other necessary requirements in a farm.

Ang buhay ng hokkaido

The project buildings are strategically engineered to provide smooth flow of the operation, the farm is also equipped with a laboratory to test the viability of the semen for artificial insemination and to test the presence of harmful microorganisms.

Before the operation started whole farm has undergone a quarantine period before it is filled with breeding stocks. Justification of producing hogs Hogs or pigs as commonly known are mammals in the genus Sus, within the Suidae family of even-toed ungulates.

Hog raising is a very popular enterprise in the Philippines such that there is proliferation of backyard producers, which dominates the swine industry and a healthy viable commercial sector.

Ang buhay ng hokkaido

Pigs are omnivores and highly social and intelligent animal. Domesticated pigs are commonly raised as livestock by farmers for meat generally called pork, hams, gammon or baconas well as for leather. Pork, meat from pigs, is widely consumed worldwide for its much better flavor. And it is highly demand for human consumption, and its rich in protein and other minerals.

Because of the great demand in pork in Baybay, the proponent have chosen piggery farming aside from other business. Objectives of the study 1. To have an additional income 2. To fill up with the increasing demand of pork in the City. To be able to produce sufficient meat for the local market 4.

To be able to provide local farmers healthy and marketable piglets, so as to give them a good source of livelihood 5. Create employment Project phasing and Timetable Table 1.

Project phasing and time table Activities Duration mos Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Capital acquisition 2 Get business permit 3 Preparation of farm ocation 2 Construction of housing units and acquisition of equipment 4 Purchase of stocks and supplies; and hiring of manpower 1 Production cycle 1 9 Production cycle 2 11 The phase one of these projects will be evaluated on the first year and the second phase will be properly monitored until the 25th year.

Background of the project proponent The owner is a graduate of Animal Science in one of the most well respected school in the visayas the Visayas State University well trained by her professors and instructors particularly in Ansc which is Dr.

A will students with dedication ever since she was still in her early years in college.

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Because of the knowledge she obtained in the said subject she was able to internalize it and decided to apply it to practical approach as an addition also to her salary as a government employee. Description of the target market Proximity to the market is one of the edges that this farm possesses.

The target market would be the whole island of Leyte and the nearby islands like Cebu, Bohol. If we will look upon the market size, it is relatively big since this farm is located on the heart of Leyte Island with few competitors, high population and with less number of Muslims and with people craving to eat pork.

The area will not only be the market alone but anyone from nearby regions who are looking for high quality but lower in price stocks. Walk β€”in costumers are also expected to purchase on this farm. The supply of meat will of course depend on such factors that may affect the production and the demand.

Prices The average weight of the hogs was 89 kilos and to be sell at 95 pesos per kilo results to a total of 8, per pig.Home Essays Ang Buhay Ng Hokkaido Ang Buhay Ng Hokkaido Topics: Cholera, Tuberculosis, Bacteria Pages: 8 ( words) Published: March 11, Ito na pala ang Buhay ng mga Naging Co-host ni Willie Revillame.

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Ang Buhay Ng Hokkaido Essay. Leader: Michelle Mausisa Members: Arjay Afan, AJ Bermudez, Renz Castro, (Silvia) MINHEE, Jeline Sarmiento, Daphne Galvez, Rosh Padua, Sam Jones, Joseph Valdez - Ang Buhay Ng Hokkaido Essay introduction.

Communicable diseases: a. Ang Buhay Ng Hokkaido. Leader: Michelle Mausisa Members: Arjay Afan, AJ Bermudez, Renz Castro, (Silvia) MINHEE, Jeline Sarmiento, Daphne Galvez, Rosh Padua, Sam Jones, Joseph Valdez.

Communicable diseases: a. Tuberculosis – is a common, and in many cases lethal, infectious disease caused by various strains .

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Ang Buhay Ng Hokkaido Essay GROUP 2 Leader: Michelle Mausisa Members: Arjay Afan, AJ Bermudez, Renz Castro, (Silvia) MINHEE, Jeline Sarmiento, Daphne Galvez, Rosh Padua, Sam Jones, Joseph Valdez.

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