Frindle cereal box book report

Ashley Kannan Certified Educator The primary problem in the story concerns the relationship between Nick and his teacher, Mrs. The fundamental challenge is the use of language, its invention of the word "frindle" and how Nick and Mrs.

Frindle cereal box book report

But the lame thing is we seem to be throwing them away all the time as well. I should have guessed; it turned out there are literally a ton of different projects out there. Some of them use other types of food boxes, but they are all in the same basic category since you can really use whatever you want for a lot of these ideas.

Some of them are super easy while others are more involved, but all of them look ridiculously fun. Others on the other hand retain their cereal box character and actually make use of the bright colors and fun designs which make cereal box packaging so appealing to kids.

Make your own business cards. Okay, so this one uses a pasta box, but a cereal box Frindle cereal box book report work fine as well. The idea here is to make your own business cards, because buying them is often ridiculously expensive.

And they show you recycle—always a great quality that makes an awesome first impression! Make a mini-pocket notebook. These are so cute. It is hard to believe looking at them that they were made using cereal boxes.

I just love how colorful they are, and the fact that they close using a button? Check out the link for a full list of detailed steps. They make great party favors, and are cut out of cereal boxes.

You can then close them back up and keep them forever! Make handy drawer dividers. These drawer dividers just instantly make me happy with their bright colors and patterns. Each one of them started its life as a cereal box.

They are decorative and functional—and so easy to make. And they certainly are a lot more fun and creative than drawer dividers you would pick up from the department store. Create spools for embroidery floss.

Need some new spools for your embroidery floss? You can make them quickly and easily out of old cereal boxes. You just make a template using an old spool and then cut them out of the boxes.

Wrap your embroidery floss around them and you are all set! Make a clever gift box. You can solve this problem with a cereal box and a pair of scissors. Check out the source link to learn how to make these adorable little gift boxes.

They are sure to thrill any recipient!

Discuss the plot in Clements''s for a 3rd grader cereal box book report. | eNotes

Create a nightlight out of a cereal box. Tracing the patterns and the text on these cereal boxes with pin-pricks, he put lights inside for a really awesome effect.

You could take this idea even further and customize it by using whatever design you wanted—you would not necessarily need to trace the existing designs on the boxes. Make a cute Scottish terrier. Just look at this cute critter! I love his exaggerated snout; he is just beyond adorable. If you click on the source link, you will find a full list of materials and instructions along with a pattern which you can print it does cost money, but it is only a couple of dollars.

Frindle cereal box book report

You will also find patterns for a dragon and a cat.On the TOP of your cereal box: 1. Write your name. On the FRONT of your cereal box: 1.

Make your own business cards.

Create a name for your cereal and put that on the box. {5 pts.} 2. Draw or glue a picture 0f the book and/or characters on the box. {5 pts.} 3. Draw or glue a picture of a cereal bowl on the box that contains several cereal .

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Oct 30,  · If you google "cereal box book report," you can see lots of great picture examples. Here are a few: *Notice that the entire box has been covered so that the original cereal is not apparent. FYI: 1st Block - Due Wednesday.

Frindle book club should have read chapters 10, 11, and 12 AND completed their 4th job. Frindle Novel Study-complete and engaging resource!

Includes comprehension, vocabulary, assessments and more!

Mrs. Faulkner's Third Grade: Cereal Box Reading Project

Frindle Novel Study-complete and engaging resource! Includes comprehension, vocabulary, assessments and more! This Pin was discovered by Kaylonda Marin. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Cereal Box Book Report Students will decorate a real cereal box with the illustrations and information related to the book they read using the directions 46 best Book report images on Pinterest | Book reports Absolutely love the book Frindle, Cereal box book report and file folder book report ideas.

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