How to write a leave of absence request letter

Request for intermittent leave Tips for Requesting Medical Leave Be sure that you know and follow your company's policies regarding leave requests and be sure that you follow the requirements to the letter.

How to write a leave of absence request letter

Download a Leave of Absence Letter Template

How to write a letter requesting a leave of absence from teaching Kimberly Turtenwald - Updated March 18, Periodically, teachers must take a leave of absence during the school year due to medical issues, maternity leave or family problems.

When such issues arise, a letter requesting a leave of absence needs to be written. This letter provides notice to employers, so they have time to cover the temporarily vacant teaching position. A leave of absence letter is submitted to the school's superintendent and principal.

Address the leave of absence letter to the school superintendent. Begin the first sentence of the letter with the length of absence. For example, I am writing to request a leave of absence for seven weeks. Include the starting and ending dates of the leave of absence in the second sentence.

For example, my leave would start on September 12, and end on October 31, Explain the reason for the absence in the next paragraph. Clarify in the third paragraph if work, such as grading assignments or developing lesson plans, can be completed before or during the absence.

Explain if accrued hours, such as sick or vacation time, are being utilised during the leave. Offer contact information during leave of absence. For example, I will be available through my cellphone at Please contact me, if there are any concerns.

Type a closing statement granting the leave along with "Sincerely," and a printed and signed signature. Make three copies of the letter and forward a copy to the superintendent and one to the school principal. Tip Supporting medical documentation should be submitted with the leave of absence letter.

Writing a Medical Leave of Absence Letter (with Sample)

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In addition, the letter should include the employer's standard forms for processing a leave of absence: Form WH, a notice of eligibility which contains the employee's and employer's rights and. Sample letter to approve a vacation. Approval letters to employees. Guide, letter example, grammar checker, + letter samples Whatever the reason for your writing, the letter must be formal and professional.

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Approve a vacation or leave of absence. Sample letter #5 ;. Leave of absence without pay for restoration of health: Medical circumstances could lead you to apply for a “leave of absence without pay for restoration of health.” Maternity leave is considered a restoration of health leave, however, this type of leave also may be used for treatment of and recuperation from a .

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how to write a leave of absence request letter

Through this letter, he is informing the concerned person the reason of his absence in an official way.

Writing a Formal Leave of Absence Request Letter - Sample Letters