How to write a mystery book series

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How to write a mystery book series

Talk about the characters, both good and bad. Describe their personalities and motivations. Are they fully developed and emotionally complex? Or are they flat, one-dimensional heroes and villains?

What do you know At what point in the book do you begin to piece together what happened? Good crime writers embed hidden clues, slipping them in casually, almost in passing.

Did you pick them out, or were you Once you've finished the book, go back to locate the clues hidden in plain sight. How skillful was the author in burying them? Good crime writers also tease us with red-herrings—false clues—to purposely lead us astray.

Does the author try to throw you off track? If so, were you tripped up?

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Do they enhance the story, add complexity, and build suspense? Are they plausible or implausible? Do they feel forced and gratuitous—inserted merely to extend the story? Does the author ratchet up the suspense?

Did you find yourself anxious—quickly turning pages to learn what happened? A what point does the suspense start to build?

how to write a mystery book series

Where does it climax Does the ending accomplish those goals? Is the conclusion probable or believable? Is it organic, growing out of clues previously laid out by the author see Question 3? Or does the ending come out of the blue, feeling forced or tacked-on?

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Perhaps it's too predictable. Can you envision a different or better ending? Point to passages in the book—ideas, descriptions, or dialogue—that you found interesting or revealing, that somehow struck you. What, if anything, made you stop and think?

Or maybe even laugh. Overall, does the book satisfy? Does it live up to the standards of a good crime story or suspense thriller? Or does it somehow fall short? Consider other authors or other books in a the series by the same author.

Please feel free to use them, online or off, with attribution.They have also written the eight-book archaeological Ardis Cole Mystery Series and the Pre-Columbian Treasure Series.

The sisters are authors of the contemporary mystery Stone of Vengeance, and the western, Death Comes in Pairs.5/5(1). Nov 04,  · Today I'm doing a voice-over for one of my previous videos Dogs and Books Tag. I had so much fun doing this video. If you enjoyed it and would like .

Return to Writing Mysteries · Print/Mobile-Friendly Version. A cozy is a mystery which includes a bloodless crime and generally contains very little violence, sex, or coarse language. By the end of the story, the criminal is punished and order is restored to the community.

The Writing Desk "In You Can Write a Mystery, the customary wit, insight generosity of spirit, and precision with language that infuse Roberts' novels are on full display inspirational (yet pragmatic) mentor, she achieves the promise of the title—it's a transcendent how-to guide that demystifies mystery writing: practical, systematic, thorough, and very, very smart.".

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