Marketing plan of thy

One can come across many similarities between the two groups but still they have certain differences.

Marketing plan of thy

The country is attractively geographically positioned, located only three hours flight time from 50 different countries according to Turkish Airlines and its unique position.

Turkish Airlines currently operates to 37 domestic destinations. Most airlines will have to be part of an alliance in order to survive in the future because if you are not a member of an alliance it is very hard to compete with other alliances that offer incredible benefits 2.

This is in line with the management of software development, infrastructure, processes and tools needed to standard. Coment We did internal and external analysis. It provided to see tool for audit and analysis of the overall strategic position of the business and its environment for us.

It views all positive and negative factors inside and outside the firm that affect the success. Based onthe above information, Turkish Airlines main competitor is British Airways as a full serviceairline providing connection from main-to-main airport, whilst Pegasus Airlines and Easyjetare LCC executing flights from secondary airports to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airportlocated further away from Istanbul in the Asian side.

Although BA is a direct threat to Turkish Airlines, the latter possess the advantage ofservicing different airports around UK, targeting local communities and businesses on awider spectrum 1. It is a fullservice airline the national carrier of Great Britain.

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Its strong position in the UK market iswell defined. BA serves more than destinations around the world some of which oncode share bases with One World partner airlines.

Marketing plan of thy

Theairline is not classified as a main threat to Turkish Airlines services as it operates fromsecondary airports and its product has a low value compared to the full service of TurkishAirlines. One advantage of this carrier is the fact that it has extensive route connections inregional Turkey.

The airline is not classified as a main threat to Turkish Airlines services, even though itoperates from the 2nd largest airport in London Gatwick. Its product has a low valuecompared to the full service of Turkish Airlines.

The airline is better positioned with flightservices within mainland Europe and has no regional connections within Turkey. Their product value refers to the low cost model with fewerservices on board -product that can mainly be directed to travellers on a budget no seatallocation, paid snacks and baggage allowance, etc.

Therefore their product and marketing strategy differs from the one ofTurkish Airlines. British Airways is a full service airline that provide similar product to Turkish Airlines andtherefore is considered as the main competitor.

They provide the economy leisure traveller product along with the upper economy and business class experience. Customers The primary target market for the airline is corporate business air travel.

The main need ofthis type of customers is the corporate discount available in return for volume. The companyproduct will be positioned to these customers to provide significant cost savings overcompetitors.

Marketing plan of thy

Both London and Istanbul are cities with many multinational companies andbusinesses, which create a vast market for corporate travel. Corporate travellers that TurkishAirlines should be targeting include, Deutsche bank, PwC, Delloit, Shell and several otherprominent corporations with links in Istanbul and London who fly business class and hassignificant volume of business travel between the pair cities.

The secondary target market for the airline is the small business and independent businesstravellers who typically fly from Heathrow to Istanbul but also from the industrial cities Manchester and Birmingham.

The product will be positioned for these customers byproviding a FFP and a business class fare that is significantly lower than most traditionalfares the two main needs of business travellers according to surveys.World day of the poor. This new World Day, therefore, should become a powerful appeal to our consciences as believers, allowing us to grow in the conviction that sharing with the poor enables us to understand the deepest truth of the Gospel.

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