Mr know all questions

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Mr know all questions

I had an acute power of observation and it seemed to me that I could see a great many things that other people missed. I could put down in clear terms what I saw.

Support your answer with examples from the story. We can see Somerset Maugham's "acute power of observation" reflected in two characters in Mr. The narrator and Mr.

Mr know all questions

The narrator although he doesn't seem too observant when it comes to his own prejudices is a man who notices things about people that others in the story don't.

For example, he sees that Mrs. Ramsay is in distress when Mr. Kelada asks to see her necklace, whereas her own husband doesn't seem to notice this at all. He also describes the passengers on the ship in great detail, in particular Mr.

Kelada, to the point where we feel we can see him and know what he's like: Kelada, too, is an observant gentleman: Ramsay's behavior at the dinner table he understands very quickly that she has something to hide and this is the reason why he agrees to lose face and "admit" the necklace is an imitation.

Give TWO reasons why the narrator dislikes Mr. Kelada even before he meets him. His suitcases are too big. Kelada's profession relevant to the story? Kelada is in the pearl business.

Mr know all questions

He claims to be an expert in pearls and therefore he is the only one aboard ship who can tell if Mrs. Ramsay's necklace is real.


What does the narrator understand when Mrs. Ramsay says she can't undo the necklace? Ramsay does not want to take off her necklace because she doesn't want Mr. Kelada to examine it. She is afraid that if she does Mr. Kelada will discover that the pearls are real and her husband will realize that she is lying about where she got the necklace.

Kelada, would you have disliked him as much as the narrator did? Kelada is very negative but I would have liked him.

An analysis of Mr Know All William Somerset Maugham | nguyễn minh quyền -

The narrator is very prejudiced against him because of what he thinks is his background.Name:_____ Mr. Know-All by W. Somerset Maugham Pre-reading In the story, the narrator starts by saying, “I was prepared to dislike Max Kelada even before I met him.”. (Much of our understanding of Mr.

Know-All depends on our ability to infer. In order to answer the questions 17,18 and 19, you had to use the thinking skill of inferring to help you).

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Some questions and answers to easy you to answer if there are questions that takes from short story "Mr.

Know-All". in literary class, fifth semester.4/4(4). "Mr. Know-All" is a short story by W. Somerset Maugham. In it, the narrator describes part of an ocean voyage with his cabin mate, Mr.

Kelada. The narrator doesn't like Kelada and spends the story.

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