Oliver cromwell achievements

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Oliver cromwell achievements

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References and Further Reading 1. Introduction Hobbes is the founding father of modern political philosophy. Directly or indirectly, he has set the terms of debate about the fundamentals of political life right into our own times.

Few have liked his thesis, that the problems of political life mean that a society should accept an unaccountable sovereign as its sole political authority. Nonetheless, we still live in the world that Hobbes addressed head on: We can put the matter in terms of the concern with equality and rights that Hobbes's thought heralded: But what or who determines what those rights are?

And who will enforce them? In other words, who will exercise the most important political powers, when the basic assumption is that we all share the same entitlements? We can see Hobbes's importance if we briefly compare him with the most famous political thinkers before and after him.

A century before, Nicolo Machiavelli had emphasized the harsh realities of power, as well as recalling ancient Roman experiences of political freedom. Machiavelli appears as the first modern political thinker, because like Hobbes he was no longer prepared to talk about politics in terms set by religious faith indeed, he was still more offensive than Hobbes to many orthodox believersinstead, he looked upon politics as a secular discipline divorced from theology.

But unlike Hobbes, Machiavelli offers us no comprehensive philosophy: How is political authority justified and how far does it extend? In particular, are our political rulers properly as unlimited in their powers as Hobbes had suggested?

And if they are not, what system of politics will ensure that they do not overstep the mark, do not trespass on the rights of their subjects? So, in assessing Hobbes's political philosophy, our guiding questions can be: What did Hobbes write that was so important?

How was he able to set out a way of thinking about politics and power that remains decisive nearly four centuries afterwards? We can get some clues to this second question if we look at Hobbes's life and times.

Life and Times Hobbes's biography is dominated by the political events in England and Scotland during his long life. Born inthe year the Spanish Armada made its ill-fated attempt to invade England, he lived to the exceptional age of 91, dying in Oliver Cromwell-Hero or Villain Oliver Cromwell was born on 25th April in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire.

Many historians are still battling for the fact that Cromwell is a hero but some are fighting that he is a villain. Oliver Cromwell (25 April – 3 September ) was an English military and political leader.

He served as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland from until his death, acting simultaneously as head of state and head of government of the new republic. He was a successful politician, unafraid to speak his mind.

- A little-known and inexperienced MP for Cambridge in , Cromwell became one of the power-brokers in parliament by the late s.

From the beginning of the Long Parliament he was a f. Oliver Cromwell (25 Apr - 3 Sep ) - Oliver Cromwell was an impassioned Puritan and military genius from 17th century England who entered Parliament in during a period when relations were strained between Parliament and the king (Charles I, who wanted absolute power).

Oliver cromwell achievements

When English Civil War broke out in , Cromwell threw himself bravely and enthusiastically onto the front lines. May 01,  · I need to think of about ten achievements of Oliver Cromwell (give or take a few).

I've done research on him and honestly can't find squat except for something about the execution or something of some dude and the fact that he was born into an average family and made his way into royalty.

I basically need a bunch of Status: Resolved. Oliver Cromwell (25 April - 3 September ) was an English military and political leader best known for his involvement in making England into a republican Commonwealth and for his later.

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