Physics notes class 11

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Physics notes class 11

The bob oscillates in a vertical circle. It is found that the speed of the bob is v when the string makes an angle q with the vertical. Find the tension in the string at this instant.

The force acting on the bob are figure a the tension T b the weight mg. Taking the components along this radius and applying Newton's second law, we get 5.

Circular Motion in Horizontal Plane A ball of mass m attached to a light and inextensible string rotates in a horizontal circle of radius r with an angular speed w about the vertical.

If we draw the force diagram of the ball. We can easily see that the component of tension force along the centre gives the centripetal force and component of tension along vertical balances the gravitation force.

Such a system is called a conical pendulum. The particle moves in a horizontal circle of radius r. Find a the speed of the particle and b the tension in the string.

Gauss's Law

The situation is shown in figure. The particle is moving in a circle with a constant speed v. Resolving the forces along the radial direction and applying.

Newton's second law, 6. Motion of a motorcyclist on a curved path. A cylist having mass m move with constant speed v on a curved path as shown in figure.

We divide the motion of cyclist in four parts: C Motion of cyclist from D to E Ex. A small ball kept in the bowl rotates with the bowl without slipping on its surface. If the surface of the bowl is smooth and the angle made by the radius through the ball with the vertical is a.

Find the angular speed at which the bowl is rotating. Let w be the angular speed of rotation of the bowl. Two force are acting on the ball. Circular Turning on roads: When vehicles go through turnings, they travel along a nearly circular arc. There must be some force which will produce the required centripetal acceleration.CBSE Class 11 Physics - Motion in Plane Notes CBSE,CCE and NCERT students can refer to the attached file.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Physics Notes For class 11 A lot of youngsters wish to make a career in the field of physics.

Applications engineer, data analyst, accelerator operator and aeronautical engineering are some of the prominent employment areas after completing graduation with physics as a major. Notes on Oscillations and Mechanical Waves The topics for the second part of our physics class this quarter will be oscillations and waves.

We will start with periodic motion for the rst two lectures, with our. Physics Notes For Class 11 Free PDF Download.

Physics is one of the most important subject for Science students. To help you prepare well for your studies, I am providing you the Free “Physics Notes for Class 11 PDF“.These notes will help you understand the concept of every chapters in detail. Class 11 Chemistry Notes.

Physics notes class 11

Motion in a straight line NCERT Solutions Class11 physics. Acid Base salt NCERT Solutions. Latest Articles. So this page contains notes of most of the physics notes for class 12 and we also have assignments of most of the chapters that you can practice.

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