Sociology and answer

What Do Sociologists Study? Sociologists study all things human, from the interactions between two people to the complex relationships between nations or multinational corporations. While sociology assumes that human actions are patterned, individuals still have room for choices. Becoming aware of the social processes that influence the way humans think, feel, and behave plus having the will to act can help individuals to shape the social forces they face.

Sociology and answer

You will find various relation learner and teacher, peer group, boys and girls, different social background etcvalues religion and culture in in educational institutions.

So we must know the pattern,concerns of this society for effective educational outcome. The relation between sociology and education has always been a subject of debate. The sociologist who favours second theory says that education is a social effort hence it runs the way society wants.

And society moves in the direction the dominant group of society wants. According to them the second theory is a propagated myth by the promoter of first theory. The first theory is said positive and second is leveled as negative thought.

If education is said to directs society it is true only because there is a social force favouring this. Both the theory has a role to play in defining the relation between sociology and education. This relation plays a great role in learning outcome. So it is a matter of great interest for the people like you; who is directly linked to educational institutions.

The same way, according to social reproduction theory the society has also a reproduction system. Society wants to reproduce itself as it is.

Society has its institutions through which it reproduce itself Family,Economy,Government,Religion,Education. All institutions are meant to socialize its member.

This means these institutions trains socialize the members Education is one of the most powerful social institution as it has access to the children. Right from the beginning in their life education institutions has great control. Education institutions decides the future perspective of the children.

This is based on the view of Durkheim according to which society tends to maintain equilibrium through moral values. The prime function of educational institutions is to maintain the status-quo of the society.

It is the general moral values consensus which keeps the society intact.

Sociology and answer

And according to social structuralism all social institutions particularly educational institutions plays important role to maintain the state of equilibrium in society. Other social institutions like govrnment,religion and economy also helps in maintaining this equilibrium and keeps the society healty.

Society is called healthy when every member of the society accept the general moral values and obey them. Structural functionist believe that role of educational institutions is to incorporate common consensus among the new member children of the society.

According to Durkheim in educational institutions the behaviour is regulated to accept the general moral values through curriculum and hidden curriculum. Educational institutions also sort out learners for future market. It plays the role of grading learners out come to fit them to different future jobs.

High achievers will be trained for higher jobs and low achievers will be fitted in less important jobs. The behaviour of member of society is regulated in such a way that they accept their roles in society according to their social status.

Thus structural functionalism opposes social mobility. The weakness of this perspective lies in unability to answer the question why would the working class wish to stay working class?

Sociology and answer

And this debate has given birth to another perspective theory that is conflict theory. We will study conflict theory in next sub section. Relations in society, in this view, are mainly based on exploitation,dominition,subordination and conflict.

This is the opposite view of society than the previous idea structural functionalism that most people accept continuing inequality. Some conflict theorists believe education is controlled by the nation which is controlled by the powerful social group, and its purpose is to reproduce existing inequalities, as well as legitimise acceptable common ideas which actually as reinforcement to the privileged positions of the dominant group.

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An Introduction to Sociology Chapter 4 assessments Types of Societies Section Quiz Exercise 1 Which of the following fictional societies is an example of a pastoral society?


Short Answer Exercise 1 In which type or types of societies do the benefits seem to outweigh the costs? Explain your answer, citing social and economic reasons. Sociology is an exciting and illuminating field of study that analyzes and explains important matters in our personal lives, our communities, and the world.

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