The hardest lesson

January 4, 4 Comments It goes hand in hand with another key principle that sets digital strategy well apart from many other traditional ways of achieving organizational objectives. The lesson here is clear from the consumer world where pioneering services such as YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn have long proved the viability and repeatability of this model on a global scale: Instead, they have gone through great lengths to provide a carefully constructed platform for their communities of millions and millions to do it indirectly instead. Consequently, they are often at loss on how to lead the organization to better adapt.

The hardest lesson

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He was hardworking, stoic, and he kept his mouth shut unless there was something that needed saying. All he wanted out of life as to drive his trucks, make his living, and take care of his wife and kids; the rest was just background noise.

I used to like to join him on his shorter hauls, the ones that were just going across state. Just me, Daddy, and hours of open road. Sitting up in the cab of his big rig, looking down at all the smaller cars below us, made me feel tall. It made me feel important. Daddy made sure to keep me grounded, though.

The hardest lesson

You never wanna start something, but you can damn well finish it. You want somebody to be there for you, you gotta be willing to do the same.

Lessons Learned in LifeThe hardest lesson. - Lessons Learned in Life

Other than the conversations with The hardest lesson, my favorite part of riding with him was the truck stops. We left the next afternoon after an early supper.

Mama stood on the porch and waved us out of the driveway as we headed to the depot to pick up the trailer we were going to be hauling. We got four hours into the trip before Daddy had to pull into a stop.

The lot was almost empty when we rolled up; there were a few trucks scattered about and I could see a couple folks sitting in the 24 hour diner, but otherwise, it was just me and Daddy. You want a snack? You take care now, Tawny. They called them lot lizards; they hung out at truck stops and liked to keep the truckers company.

Daddy had almost bust a gut laughing so hard, and when he had me repeat it to Mama, she turned bright red. We left Tawny leaning against the building and went into the diner.

While Daddy grabbed a coffee, I walked the length of the counter to the restroom. When I came back out, Daddy was chatting with another guy at the counter over steaming mugs.

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I sat beside them for a while, but lost interest in whatever they were talking about pretty quickly and decided I wanted to run back out to the truck to grab my book. I slid off the stool and left Daddy to his coffee and conversation. She was over by a truck that must have pulled in when I was using the bathroom, smiling and laughing at its young driver.

She glanced at me as I jogged past and I mimed touching the brim of a hat to her, same as Daddy had done, but her attention was back on the trucker pretty quick.

My book was in the sleeper portion of the cab and I had to rifle through my duffel to get it out. I checked to make sure my bookmark was still in place and then crawled back out.

Instead, I caught sight of them going around the side of the diner. The trucker seemed to be dragging Tawny and she was tugging at her arm, trying to pull it away from him.

Her smile was gone. At nine years old, I was more curious than concerned. Mama also never said no like Tawny did as she disappeared from sight. Daddy always said to mind our own business, but he also told me to be ready to help other people.

When I heard Tawny say no again, a little louder than before, I crept along the wall towards the side of the diner.

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A brief scuffle and a short, frightened cry made me pause again, but when silence followed, I gathered my courage again and poked my head around the building. It was dark out there, lit only by the glow from the street lights in the parking lot.Home / Featured Content / The Hardest Lesson The Hardest Lesson There is one thing you are never taught how to deal with; the hardest lesson, the death of a student.

My daddy put the “good” in good old boy. He was hardworking, stoic, and he kept his mouth shut unless there was something that needed saying.

One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it's guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.

Oct 31,  · Jesus Responds: “Wait and you shall realize the Joy of the one who can be calm and wait, knowing that all is well. The last, and hardest lesson, is that of waiting. So wait. The Hardest Lesson Sharon June 1, Suffering 0 Comments Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

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