The island by gary paulsen

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The island by gary paulsen

Debuting inThe Island combines the wilderness magic of Hatchet and the plainspoken wisdom of the author's novels from the '70s into a simmering pot of stew like nothing else I've tasted. You have to meditate on a book like The Island to get the most out of it.

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A superficial read-through is likely Gary Paulsen produced a few sterling novels in the s notably Tiltawhirl John and The Foxmanbut the '80s were the launch of his golden era, a decade that saw him win three Newbery Honors. A superficial read-through is likely to leave you as high and dry as Wil's parents, not understanding what others see in the story any more than the main character's mother and father comprehend his relationship to the island.

I encourage you to marinate in Gary Paulsen's words, to see the ether of life as Wil sees it, quietly observing to learn all there is to know, knowledge beyond our brain's capacity to store or process.

Let the thoughts fill you like wild birds perching together on a wire with no predators around to bother them, and you'll finish The The island by gary paulsen with a new peace about the world and your place in it, an urge to get to know the world you thought you met years ago but were never truly more than passing acquaintances with.

If you favor stories of deep philosophy, you might end up saying The Island is the best book of Gary Paulsen's career. Wil Neuton at age fourteen isn't so different from other kids.

The island by gary paulsen

He's tall—over six feet—but he's no transcendentalist before moving with his parents from Madison, Wisconsin, to the rural northern part of the state when his father lands a promotion within the highway department.

Wil misses his friends and the girl he liked who never showed interest in him, but leaving Madison isn't a huge deal.

Besides the local handyman, a frightful-looking oldster named Emil Aucht, the new town is easy to adjust to. Wil meets Susan, a girl his age who lives on a dairy farm, and they settle into an easy friendship despite Wil's typical lack of social grace for a boy of fourteen.

His parents are laid-back, so Wil can take off on his bike all day to explore, and he has time for that and more as summer rolls in. Then he comes upon the U-shaped island out on Sucker Lake, and a small minnow boat to ferry him there, and Wil's life changes.

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It's not Susan behind the change so much as the island, but she's in the mix too, every experience in Wil's life helping it happen.

His first day on the island Wil watches the loons out on the water, eyeing him warily in case he turns out to be a threat. Wil occasionally makes too much noise and the island's animals scurry for cover, but he doesn't want to scare them off, and learns quickly how not to.

Sitting on the island, just him and the animals, the change is already setting in. On his way back to shore that evening, Wil knows he'll return to his island. The realization is as natural as can be. Any boy-girl awkwardness with Susan fades when she recognizes that Wil is no longer the shy boy he was when they met only a few days ago.

His trips to the island are a sacred venture she doesn't intrude on without permission, hailing him from shore to ask if he'll pick her up and take her back there with him.This detailed literature summary also contains Related Titles on The Island by Gary Paulsen.

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Preview of The Island Summary: The Island is the story of a crucial summer in the life of fifteen-year-old Wil Neuton. The Island By Gary Paulsen The main idea of the book “The Island “is when a boy finds an island and decides to camp on it and while he’s there he studies the animals and /5(57).

Wil is a fully developed character and--as Susan's mother suggests--gifted ("one of the thirsty people who need to know"); it's easy to imagine Paulsen as such an unusual boy.

The island is an important idea because he is isolated, like an island, and he can escape from life for a while. What protaganist says and does: Will says that he wants to learn more about nature/the island.

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The Island by Gary Paulsen - book cover, description, publication history. Luckily, Wil discovers the island. So, every day, year-old Wil Neuton gets up, brushes his teeth, leaves the house, and rows away from shore.

He goes to the island, a place where he can go to be alone and learn to know nature — and himself.

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