The unplugging written by yvette nolan

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Indigenous Performance Culture by Yvette Nolan, and:

The unplugging written by yvette nolan

The Unplugging — finding yourself when the lights go out Theatre Review: Modern society has collapsed into anarchy and Bern and Elena, both past child-bearing age, have been deemed useless and therefore exiled from their community.

The story Simplicity is the word that best describes The Unplugging. A pale full moon glows on a blank backdrop which shapes the stage into a crescent.

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Camellia Koo designed the sets What the script lacks in subtlety it makes up for in clarity. Another clear message is that the characters are not the same people they had been before the electricity disappeared.

Values and priorities have changed for everyone. Pragmatic and knowledgeable Elena proves to be capable as a post-apocalyptic survivalist, whereas before the Unplugging back when Google had all the answers she and her common wisdom had been seen as worthless.

Can he be trusted?

The unplugging written by yvette nolan

Take-home Native Earth Performing Arts and Factory have staged a production which is engaging but surprisingly low-key. Considering the stark circumstances laid out in The Unplugging, there is room for a great deal more desperation and dramatic action, but it is primarily a play of ideas.

The violent upheaval of society is only talked about, as something happening in the place from which they were exiled.

The unplugging written by yvette nolan

Even so, there is enough action to keep the story lively, and the thought experiment is clearly laid out. Playing until April 5 at the Factory Theatre main stage.Medicine Shows by Yvette Nolan (Métis) is written with the authority of lived experience.

As Nolan explains, it is not a chronological summary of Indigenous theatre produced in Canada, Earth, and Nolan’s own play, The Unplugging.

Nolan is cognizant of the deracination experi-. "Yvette Nolan is a playwright, director and dramaturg who works all over Turtle Island. Her plays include BLADE, Annie Mae’s Movement, The Birds and The Unplugging.

From , she served as the Artistic Director of Native Earth Performing Arts. “The Unplugging” by Yvette Nolan. May 2, ; Professional Production; When the world becomes unplugged – no more iPhones, internet or electricity – two exiled older women retreat to the land, reclaiming wisdom from the past to survive, and build a future.

This May, Gwaandak Theatre invites viewers into the. By Yvette Nolan.

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Directed by Nina Lee Aquino. Until April 5, at Factory Theatre, Bathurst St. or Toronto theatre is verging on the fatalistic side right now.

The Unplugging written by Yvette Nolan focuses on two middle aged native women, Bernadette and Elena who were banished from their native country for being too old and now must be able to adapt to the adversities they now face. Additionally, the theatric production of The Unplugging by the Vancouver Arts Club further strengthens the plot of the play.

In the post-apocalyptic setting Yvette Nolan imagines in The Unplugging, two aging native women wander through the wilderness trying to stay alive.

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