Vasco de gama

Dec 23, at age in Kochim, Portuguese India Nationality: Explorer, Viceroy of India Famous For:

Vasco de gama

Vasco de gama

Visit Website The colony had been largely abandoned by the time they arrived, after local natives killed many of the colonists. Under his authority, the Spaniards dealt harshly with native inhabitants of the region in order to get gold and other riches; from some of these Indians, they learned that a wealthy empire lay to the south possibly a reference to the Incas.

In SeptemberBalboa led an expedition of some Spaniards and a number of Indians southward across the Isthmus of Panama. He also reluctantly gave him permission to mount another expedition to explore and conquer the Mar del Sur and its surrounding lands.

Vasco de gama

Balboa began these explorations inafter having a fleet of ships painstakingly built and transported in pieces over the mountains to the Pacific. Suspecting Balboa would speak against him, and fearing his influence and popularity, Pedrarias summoned the explorer home and had him arrested and tried for rebellion and high treason, among other charges.

He was beheaded, along with four alleged accomplices, in Vasco da Gama’s Early Life and First Voyage to India Born circa , Vasco da Gama was the son of a minor nobleman who commanded the fortress at Sines, located on the coast of the Alentejo.

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Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama is a Brazilian football club that was founded on August 21, (although the professional football department started on November 5, ), by Portuguese immigrants, and it is still traditionally supported by the Portuguese community of Rio de Janeiro.

It is one of the most popular clubs in Brazil, with more than 20 million supporters. Famous explorer Vasco da Gama was born in Sines, Portugal around The King commissioned him in to find a maritime-route to the East of the country.

His breakthrough proved to be among the most instrumental highlights in navigation history. Check out Meyerbeer: Vasco de Gama by Bernhard Berchtold on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Official Website - Shipwreck of Vasco da Gama fleet found close to Oman of the ship Esmeralda Vasco da Gama shipwreck with precious rare coins and jewellery found of great historical importance.

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