Watching of telivision by our children essay

Today, every one of us is spending more of his leisure time watching TV, listening to the radio or reading newspapers and magazines. The shows on the TV and the articles in the newspapers influence our decision process, shaping our perceptions for the world. Besides the positive fact that we are better informed and in touch with the latest news, we should be aware that accepting this enormous flow of information and allowing it to make our mind can be dangerous.

Watching of telivision by our children essay

Violence, gender-stereotyping, and even increased sexual promiscuity have been cited as ills of modern media outlets. With debates over media's influence often polarized, it becomes difficult to decipher what is the true influence of media.

It is often suggested that media has potentially profound effects on the social identity formation of young people. However, understanding how media outlets affect the identity of adolescents takes understanding what "identity" entails.

So what is identity? For starters, we technically are not born with identity; it is a socially constructed attribute. In other words, who we are is controlled by internal and external factors that combine to make us who we become. Add in new media outlets, such as the internet, and media is now considered an "extension of everyday life and a tool of cultural change" Singh, Thus, identity formation, as a social concept, is being transformed in new and even more global ways.

How does this transformation of media affect youth, today? This is a substantial amount of time spent interacting with these different forms of entertainment. This interaction not only becomes a way to entertain oneself, but also becomes an external force for comparative research.

Part of identity formation is thinking about the type of person you want to be Arnett,p. By providing young people a resource that gives a seemingly constant flow of information, adolescents can use this information as a guide for social comparison.

With a constant bombardment of information, deciding what type of person you want to be can become a challenge for some.

Ideas, can either be enforced, or even corrupted, by a false sense of what the world actually is. Although this information may not be fully reliable, it still provides ideas as to how to act and form one's identity. One of the strongest routes by which media appears to influence attitude-change is through persuasion.

The constant persuasion of what is "reality" plays a pivotal role in young girl's development of negative self-image. Many girls are taught, through stereotypical portrayal, that women are nothing more than sexual objects; and, that intelligence is something to be ashamed of and hidden.

In a recent film, an organization called Miss Representation highlights this unfortunate ideology promulgated by today's media sources YouTube, Another interesting fact is that, whether consciously aware of what is being displayed or not, media plays a substantial role in influencing consumption patterns and lifestyle.10 Television's Impact on American Society and Culture.

TV is a constant presence in most Americans' lives. With its fast-moving, visually interesting, highly entertaining style, it commands many people's attention for several hours each day. Our fictions about children retain their interest by taking place in a former world--a world that we must re-gain for the sake of our children.

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Watching of telivision by our children essay

What can children receive from all those countless TV-shows they watch and numerous computer-games they play? Watching TV makes children unable to grasp large amounts of complex information. In the majority of cases TV makes children master only little amounts of .

The most obvious reason that our minds are being controlled on a massive scale psychologically, is become our culture has been conditioned incriminatingly to a TV, a radio, or a paper.

We are given the world reality through a screen, some ink, or radio waves. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! My Favourite Superhero If you enjoyed your childhood, you will recognize some of the most important superheroes that you watched on television.

Watching of telivision by our children essay

These are inanimate beings that were given with superpowers than an average human being. May 21,  · Why Watching TV Is a Good Thing When someone says, "I don't watch TV," I take offense to the snub for the people in the entertainment business and because the nay-sayers are just not giving TV .

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