Write a number sentence that shows an estimate of each answer

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Write a number sentence that shows an estimate of each answer

write a number sentence that shows an estimate of each answer

This is a comparison of three maps in different time periods for the academic writing task 1. If you wish to do practice exercises for grammar for the maps below, before you read this model, please follow the link: Model Writing Task 1: Map Comparison The maps illustrate how Meadowside village and Fonton, which is a neighbouring town, have developed over three different time periodsand the present.

Overall, Meadowside village increased in size and has become Meadowside Suburb as it merged together with Fonton. Furthermore, there have been significant changes in infrastructure, housing and facilities over the period given.

Inboth Meadowside and Fonton were completely separate with no roads or rail connecting them.

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While Fonton had a railway line running through it to the north, Meadowside, located to the west of Fonton, only had a small road from the west. Bythere was a considerable growth in the size of Meadowside village and Fonton.

The small road in Meadowside village had been converted into a main road and was also extended to the east to connect with Fonton. Meadowside, moreover, had also developed a housing estate in the west, a leisure complex and a supermarket in the south.

Currently, both Meadowside, which is now a suburb, and Fonton are joined. The railway line, which runs through Fonton, has been extended to the west where a train station has been built. To the north of the station, a hotel has been constructed and opposite the station, to the south, there is now a business park.Well, let's check this against the elements of a number sentence given above: It has numbers.

69+25 write a number sentence that shows an estimate of each answer?

It has a mathematical operation (in this case, addition). It has an equal sign with a number after it. Take out any of these elements, and we no longer have a number sentence. Take out the numbers, and we just have + and. Definitely not a number . in each number. Write the number of thousands and the number of Find the unknown number.

Write the number of tens and the number of ones in Write a number sentence that shows an estimate of each answer. Then write the exact answer.

write a number sentence that shows an estimate of each answer

1. 69 + 25 2. + 43 3. 2, + 4. 5 3 7 + 4. The exact answer of 65 + 25 = Part 2: + 43 can be estimated as + 40 = The exact answer of + 43 = Part 3: 2, + = can be estimated as 2, + 1, = 3, The exact answer of 2, + = 3, Which would provide a reasonable estimate for each product?

Write the estimate beside the product. An estimate may be used There are 26 baseball teams in the league. Each team has 18 players. Write a number sentence that will provide a reasonable estimate for the number of players in the league.

Show or explain how you found your answer. What is a number sentence? We explain what a number sentence is and how primary-school children are taught to write number sentences (or fill in gaps in number sentences) in KS1 and KS2.

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A number sentence is an arrangement of numbers and symbols, such as the following. I estimate it took about three days, in all, to write this. It should save me about six or seven hours in talking to different students each year, and hopefully the same time again in making comments on initial versions of reports.

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