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You ve started your first day at venture outpatient surgery center explain how you would code an ope

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March of the Living: A life-changing journey By Dan Levison A fter having the privilege of participating in the very first March of the Living inI never would have dreamed that I would be returning to do it again 27 years later alongside my daughter. We were part of the southern region, which included three busloads of teens and one adult bus.

There were many differences between my first and second experiences. On the first March of the Living there were 1, teens from around the world.

The program has grown to 15, participants.

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Thirteen thousand participants are teenagers. For the past few years, I have been hearing sad reports that the global Jewish community is shrinking and that Judaism is dying out. But seeing firsthand the next generation of Jews taking the time to learn about the past gives me hope that our people will continue to survive.

The first time I was in Poland it was still under Communism and I was able to feel the culture of anti-Semitism.

Fortunately, I felt differently in April. The small Jewish community is noticeably active and has visible signs of Judaism. We had the opportunity to have a dialogue with Polish youth who were interested in learning and were open-minded.

We found out that elder Poles are beginning to reveal their Jewish roots that they have hidden their whole lives as they come to the end of their lives. So, some of the Polish youth might begin to explore their possible connections to Judaism.

It was even more emotional for me being there as a father myself now and imagining the horrors that went on. I was glad to be there to support my daughter and was proud to know that she was there as the next generation to bear witness to what happened. It gives me great satisfaction to see how the March of the Living program has grown over the last 27 years worldwide.

I see it as a way to instill a sense of responsibility of carrying on Jewish traditions into the next generations. We are very fortunate in the Sarasota-Manatee community to have the generous support of Anne and Barry Stein, The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee, as well as many others, to enable our local Jewish teens to take part in this program for a nominal charge.

Dan and Sarah Levison in Poland of the concentration camps. A greater appreciation for Israel is instilled in the young people as they understand that there is an entire country with a strong army that is there for Jews around the world.

Continuing a proud tradition By Sarah Levison W hen my dad was 18 years old he went on a trip that changed his life.

That trip was the very first March of the Living.

You ve started your first day at venture outpatient surgery center explain how you would code an ope

I was curious about experiencing this for myself and hoped that one day I would get to participate. However, when the time came, nothing could have prepared me for the emotions I was about to face. The first emotional experience oc- curred immediately after we landed in Poland when we went to the Radegast Station in Lodz.

We all piled into a box car and heard firsthand from a survivor what it was like to be trapped in one of these during the Holocaust. This was only a glimpse of what we would learn during the next few weeks as we traveled to multiple concentra- A n E vEning with Stephen Flatow Tuesday, February 9, 7: He has challenged the State Department, the Justice Department, the courts, and the largest banks in the world.

He has failed and prevailed, stumbled and triumphed, over and over again. He does not quit. He is driven by the love of his daughter, a daughter who was killed by a radical Islamic suicide bomber near Kfar Darom in During the actual march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, I was overcome with pride as I walked arm in arm with my dad, Israeli flags wrapped around us, surrounded by thousands of Jewish people from around the world.

It was empowering, but it was haunting at the same time knowing this once was a death march for thousands of our ancestors. When we arrived in Israel, it was impossible to be any happier.Inova Surgery Center Before Your Surgery Interview: Before your surgery, Although we will try to explain everything to you as we go, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

After Surgery you the day after your surgery to make sure there are no problems and to . Charlotte sun herald Physical Description: Unknown Publisher: am at the Cultural Center.

a family day trip to the air show. Dad also was having fun. "I grew up going to the you've always dreamed of, contact Shell Point today and let's trade! Explore Shell Point .

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